Everyone is attracted by beauty and beauty is powerful. But what is true beauty? Perhaps you can get the answer from the following story.

This morning I went to the market to buy some vegetables with my parents. On the way we all highly praised a young man in western-style clothes and leather shoes who was riding by. But he rode so fast that he knocked an old lady down carelessly.Instead of stopping, he pretended not to see this and rode away quickly. We were all very angry with the young man. To our happiness, a girl in plain dress ran forward at once, helped the lady up and took her home. We all praised the girl.

From this we know we cannot judge a person by his appearance. A person who is dressed beautifully may not have a beautiful soul. Only a person who has a beautiful soul is really beautiful





Football is the most popular ball in the world. More and more people like watching football matches. They can’t sleep or eat when their teams are playing.They shout for their players. I think many Chinese football player have done better match after match since the Professional Football league of China was set up. But we still have a long way to go to Asia and to the world. We should learn from foreign teams. Foreign players and coaches must be invited. Dalian Wanda, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangd0ng Apollo are among the best.



Happiness is dependent upon work. Sometimes we complain that we have too much work, but we fail to realize that it’s our work that keep us moving on and helps us to become a better man. Last summer I visited my friends in a small village. It was obvious that working has become an indispensable part of their daily lives. They all went to the field to plant the crops. The sun was shinning above them and they looked quite happiness about their work. On their face there were such smiles as I had never seen before.

Work provide us with happiness. Work is more than a necessity for human beings. If we have no work to do, we will waste our precious time. That’s pity. We will lose everything in the end. Work helps us to realize the importance of life, then we will appreciate it more. Everybody who live in this society could not live without working. If we spend every day idly, we will find life is boring.




The air we breathe is so freely available that we take it for granted. Yet without it we could not survive more than a few minutes. For the most part, the same air is available to everyone, and everyone needs it. Some people use the air to sustain them while they sit around and feel sorry for themselves. Others breathe in the air and use the energy it provides to make a magnificent life for themselves.

Opportunity is the same way. It is everywhere. Opportunity is so freely available that we take it for granted. Yet opportunity alone is not enough to create success. Opportunity must be seized and acted upon in order to have value. So many people are so anxious to "get in" on a "ground floor opportunity", as if the opportunity will do all the work. That's impossible.

Just as you need air to breathe, you need opportunity to succeed. It takes more than just breathing in the fresh air of opportunity, however. You must make use of that opportunity. That's not up to the opportunity. That's up to you. It doesn't matter what "floor" the opportunity is on. What matters is what you do with it.


When I'm free or in trouble, I always take out a book and read quietly. In no time, I've put my heart into it so that I'll forget all the troubles. It's in this way that I've formed the habit of reading in any time.

Little boys as I was, I was interest in picture books and storybooks. I was struck by them. No sooner had I entered the middle school than I began to read novel, plays, and essays and so on. I found I could get much from them. Little by little I took great interest in literature and last term I won the first prize in the composition contest among middle-school students in Zhe Jiang.

Reading “The Emperor's New Clothes”, I had to let out a burst of laughter over his fool. “The Little Match Girl” couldn't keep me from crying for her misery. “Robinson Crusoe” took me into a strange world full of danger. And I was also deeply impressed by Helen Keller's patience and perseverance… Besides these, books also tell me other thing -how to be a man and how to tell the difference between right and wrong. In a word, good books can make me know what I didn't before. So I think of a good book as my best friend.

I'll never forget this famous saying,“Good books are best friends who never turn their backs upon us.”


Although European football is the parent of American football,the two games show several major differences. European football,sometimes called association football or soccer,is played in 80 countries,making it the most widely played sport in the world. American football,on the other hand,is popular only in North America(the United States and Canada).Soccer is played by eleven players with a round ball. Football,also played by eleven players in somewhat different positions(位置)on the field,is played with an elongated(拉长的)round ball. Soccer has little body contact(接触)between players and therefore needs no special protective equipment. Football,in which players make the greatest use of body contact to stop a running ball-carrier and his teammates,needs special protective equipment. In soccer,the ball is advanced toward the goal by kicking it or by butting(顶)it with the head. In American football,on the other hand,the ball is passed from hand to hand or carried in the hands across the opponent's(对手)goal. These are just a few of the features which distinguish(区别)association and American football.


Every day is a gift from God

What s life? Many people spend all their time searching for the answer.

Life would be a paradise everyone dreams of; Life would be full of happiness and mysteries; Life would be valuable treasure.

But what about the life we re living now?

We spend too reckless, laugh too little , get angry too quickly, stand up too late, getup too tired. We have multiply our possessions, but reduce our values. We talk too much , laugh too little and lie too often. We ve learnt how to make a living, but not a life. We ve added years to life, not life to years.

So we get more and more tired. Even a small failure can break us down. It s time to change our minds.

The rabbis of old put it this way: A man comes to this world with his first clenched, but, when he dies, his hand is open. The art of living is to know when to hold fast and when to let go. For life is a paradox: it enjoin us to cling to it many gifts even while it ordains their eventual relinquishment.

Hold fast to life, but not so fast that you can t let go. By always chasing after new goals, we re never really appreciating what we already have right now. When I walked in the street one day, the sunlight hit me. Hoe beautiful it was, how warming, how sparking, how brilliant! I looked around to see if anyone else relished the sun s gold glow, but everyone was going to or fro, most with eyes fixed on the ground. The I realize most of us, have been in different to the grandeur of each day, too preoccupied with petty and sometimes even meaningless concerns. At that moment, I came to know life s gifts are precious---but we re too heedless of them.

Surely we must hold fast to life, for it s wonderful and full of beauties. We know that is so, but often we recognize this truth, only in our backward glance when we remember what was, and then realize that is no more.

We remember a beauty that faded, a love that waned. But we remember wiith far great pain that we didn t see that beauty when it flowered, that we fail to respond with love when it was tendered. Don t run through life so fast that you forget not only where you ve been, but also where you re going. Life is not a race, but a journey to be enjoyed slowly each step of the way. Dream what you want to dream, go where you what to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. The happiest of people don t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most everything that comes along their ways.

Never too busy for the wonder and the owe of life. Be reverent before each day. Embrace each hour. Seize each golden minute.

Every morning when we open our eyes, we tell ourselves that it is special. Every day, every minute, every breath, truly is a gift from gold.


Nowadays,high school students hold different opinions about after-claactivities.there are two quite different phenomenonena.

Some students are crazy about sports and some other activities.they spend much time in joining the outdoor activities and varies of groups , and also,ma-ki-ng new friends.However,they pay a little attention to their studies.

On the contrary, some students spend almost of their time in studies and don't enjoy attending other activities.

In my opinion,I think neither of them is correct.I think we should study hard,but we also need time to relax ourselves,because if a one in a good state,he can do better.


Journey to Australia

Australia is one of the famous Oceanian country. The country is famous for its wool production and seashore tour. As the climate there is warm and comfortable, many people spend vocations there every year. Im a super fan of water entertainment, so I choose it as my destination.


Father was my first teacher and is my dear friend. When I was a little girl, I used to sit on my father's knees, listening to his stories. The story"Two friends and a Bear"told me"a friend in need is a friend indeed."I will never forget the story"Madame Curie"which tells me a truth"where there is a will,there is a way."Father's stories enriched my life and did a lot of good to my growth.

When I was seven years old,I started primary school.I was young,so my father picked me up from school every day.On the way,I told father everything that happened at school.Father listened carefully and always smiled happily. Sometimes I sang a beautiful song. My sweet and lovely voice gave my father the greatest pride.My father is always proud of me. He hopes I will make great progrein my study. Now I have made up my mind to study harder and harder.

I'm sure my father's love will lead me to my succeand I will love him forever!




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