my parents love me very much. they take good care of me in everyday life. when i have problem, i always ask them for help. they often encourage me to do my best in my lessons at school and they expect me to become a top student in my class or in my school. they always want to me to spend all my time on my lessons. i like music and i am interested in the internet. when i spend some time listening the music or online in the evening, they will stop me from doing that. i have told them i want to study well and i also want to enjoy life. so i hope we can understand each other soon.


this morning i went to the english corner which is in the park near my home. it is three years since it was founded. many middle school students as well as college students and foreigners take part in the activity. people there practice speaking english by talking about something interesting. people also exchange the experience in english learning. i think it is a good chance for me to use what i have learnt in my english class. i felt very cool after i got back home. i’ll try my best to learn english better, for it is so widely used in the world.


today, i was late for school because the traffic was jam. i usually so to school by bike but i hurt my leg the day before yesterday. so i had’to go to school by taxi this morning. i left home very early. when i took the taxi, i found the traffic bad. the traffic was so busy that the car couldn’t move at all. i think the government should get the road wider so that the car can run easily and smoothly.


i am a middle school student. i study many subjects at school. there are chinese, maths, english, pe and so on. among them, i like english best, because in class i can not only learn how to use the language but also know some foreign culture. sometimes they sound interesting, for they are quite different from ours. with the teachers’ help, my english has improved a lot. it’s known that beijing is going to host the XX olympic games. at that time, english must be the most useful language in our city. i have made up my mind to learn english well and be the top student in english learning.


to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven’t enough time to play, we will get the real life which belongs to us. ,。

January 27 2008 Today, I will take a job and work. It’ time for me to begin to learn how to work. January28 2008 I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn’t go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, but I think I should share the work with them. I am one of my family member. In the future, so was my father. They always live in Beijing. They must get up early. Because they will manage the factory. So I know they are very laborious. So I should save my money. Also I should help them. Although I can’t do something useful, I still went to my mother’s office. My mother was very busy。


Culture, according to the definition given by Hofstede, is the collective mental programming of the people in an environment, conditioned by the same education and life experience. Therefore, there are differences between various nations or regions, because people are affected by education, society and work experience. Take the cultural difference between the East and the West as the example, China is a country that endures high power distance while America endures lower power distance. Therefore, status symbol is very important for Chinese and a superior having the privilege is a matter of course. But people in America think that they are all equal. Besides, the westerns are individualistic while the easterners are more collectivistic. In individualistic societies, people focus on their own values and needs, relying on individual efforts to serve their interests. In the collectivistic nations, people combine themselves into one or several communities, finding their own place in the group and they mentally rely on the community, so harmony seems important in those nations. There are three main differences between the East and the West, namely uncertainty avoidance index, masculine versus femininity and long vs. short term orientation.




Every coin has two sides , which is the same as surfing the Internet. On one hand , we benefit a lot from computers. For instance , many people are accustomed to going shopping on the Internet, which is a way to save time and money. What’s more, Internet makes it convenient for friends and relatives to communicate with each other. So people are more closed. Besides, we can go through the news all over the world through the Internet, which can broaden our eyes and assist us to learn more about the world.

On the other hand, with the popularity of computer games, more and more teenagers are addicted to virtual world , leading to a terrible grade and health. Moreover, plenty of unhealthy information emerges on the Internet, making a bad influence on teenagers.

Only we combine the real life and computers can we use it reasonably.

As we all know, the 21st century of the Internet. With the development of the Internet, more and more people begin to use it to enjoy themselves or do something special. However, every coin has two sides , the Internet also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our life has a great change since we use the Internet. We benefit a lot from the Internet. As for me, I am accustomed to going shopping on the Internet, which is a good way to save my time and money. Many people do the same as me. What’s more, the Internet makes it convenient for us to make friends and get people closed . We can also go through the news all over the world. The Internet not only broaden our view but also assist us to know more about the world . On the other hand , more and more teenagers are addicted to virtual world and they all play computer games everyday they want, leading to a terrible result.

In conclusion, we should have selective using the Internet and keep away from the virtual world. Don’t always use the Internet to chew the fat and do something meaningful.










The Importance of EQ

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, which represents the emotional intelligence of people. In another words, it is the ability to manage yourself emotion and other’s emotion. It is very important for everyone in their whole life. People with high EQ are always good at communicating. When other people need help, they always can give their advice because they can think in their own way. So people around them like to communicate with them. Besides, those people with high EQ are not easy to have conflict with others. They won’t speak words in a direct way, instead of a soft way that people are easily to accept. They can sensitive know what to say and what to do. Thus, they have less conflicts as others. This high EQ helps them live better in this society.




I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends.

They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn’t go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes!

A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven’t enough time to play, to waste and to lose the way.

We only have two years. Two years to go, we will get the real life which belongs to us.




Bicycle Sharing

With the development of technology, bicycle sharing comes into people's lives. It becomes more and more popular and much news reported it. At the same time, we should see that there are some problems caused by bicycle sharing.

On one side, bicycle sharing makes it very convenient of people traveling. You can find a bicycle anywhere at any time when you want to go out for a cycling, and the price of one trip is very low. It cansave time for people. On the other side, its management is not perfect. Even kids can open the lock and ride the bicycle, there is no doubt that such behavior is very dangerous. What's more, many people deliberately break it, like throw it to the river or destroy the code above it.

In my opinion, we should take a developing view about bicycle sharing. It is obviously helpful to human beings as a high-tech product. The government should introduce relevant provisions toregulate this market to avoid its disadvantages.









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