I have的英语作文

I have的英语作文1

Every morning , I go to school at 9:00. Maybe you’ll say you are late for school, but tell you the good news. We start our class at 9:30, and also we only have 3 class a day. In the afternoon, we can read books, play games, listen to the music and so on.

In the evening I watch my favorite cartoons, because I don’t have homework. And my parents tell me that I can do whatever I want.

What a nice day! But do you know this is just my dream. I hope the dream will be true.

I have的英语作文2

I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much. It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown.

It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family. It has its own house, but it likes to sleep under my bed, play in my house. I like talking to it, because it's a friend worth of trusting. I would like to share my happy things with it. When I am sad, talking to it makes me feel good. I am happy to have such a lovely friend.

I have的英语作文3

Everyone has their dreams in heart. So do I. I dream of being a ping pong player, because I like playing table-tennis very much. Ping pong is the most popular sport in our country.

Our country wins almost all gold medals in Olympic Games. I play ping pong very day in school. My teacher teaches me carefully and strictly.

He tells me that I have great potential. In order to realize my dream, I must work hard for it. Luckily, my parents support me a lot. I am sure I can make it.

I have的英语作文4

She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small nose.She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good.She is hard-working.

She favorite season is summer,because it's hot ,she can eat ice- cream.She like playing the piano ,reading books and singing songs.

Who's she? She is my best friend ---Sun Mengqi.She has a very good English name,too---Angle.

I have的英语作文5

Today is Saturday, I am very happy, because I have no class, so I wake up very late, I have enough sleep. At noon, my friend Li Hua comes to my house and asks me to go to the park with him. We play many games and see the beautiful scenery, I also take many picture.

Today I have a great day, I enjoy the time with my friend.

I have的'英语作文6


Everyone has a dream. Now I want to say something about my dream. What is my dream? I often ask myself. In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all things to achieve target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won’t be blind at least. My dream is to study abroad. I think France is a pretty romantic place. It is really fantastic. I always look forward to going there.

Now I am a student on Grade 8, all my classmates and I are working hard. We all know that the entrance exam of high schools in the next year is a big challenge for us, so we must study harder and harder in order to go to an excellent high school. I’ll try my best to be the study winner. Now everything I do is trying to get closer to my dream. I feel my life is filled with hope. I have enough confidence to realize my dream. I know that fantasy is something hard to reach, but dream can. I know not all people will insist, but I can. Because this is my dream, and I’ll never give up!

Thanks for your listening.

Introduction of myself


Hello, everyone! I am very happy standing here. My name is Olivia which means peace. I like peace. My birthday is August 31th. I am a middle school student and I study pretty hard. My favorite subject is maths because it is very interesting. I am one of the best students in my class.

I have的英语作文7

I am a girl. My Chinese name is Dai Min. My English name is Mary. I live in Yunnan China. I am thirteen years old, and my birthday is December 19th.

My favorite girl’ name is Susan. My favorite boy’ name is Mike. I like white, blue and purple best. My favorite food is apple.

I have a very happy family. I’m very happy. I love my family. They all love me.

I want to have many friends. Do you want to have any friends?

I have的英语作文8

I Have A Good Friend

Hi, everybody! Nice to meet you!

My name is Zhu Yibing, I am very happy to tell you something about my good friend---Yang Zimiao. She is my good friend, and she is nine years old. She is cute and adorable, with a pair of big eyes and long hair. She is taller than me, and she can play violin very well. Do you want to make friends with her?

That’s all! Thanks!

I have的英语作文9

Hello everyone!

My name is Yang Zimiao. I’m 9 years old. I’m inZhengDongPrimary school. I am in third grade class eleven. I am glad to stand here. My topic is I have a good friend.

My good friend is Li Yuexin. She is very pretty, and she is tall and slim. She has long hair and big eyes. She is 10 years old. She can dance very well. We often play and study together. She is a good girl! Teachers and classmates are all like her.

That’s all ! Thank you!

I have的英语作文10

When I Have a Different Opinion

When I Have a Different Opinion

We may have different opinions in organizing class activities. When I have a different opinion, I may choose to give it up and respect the opinions of the majority.

The main reason for my choice is that being brought up in a culture emphasizing collectivism, I tend to sacrifice my own interest for the group benefit. Once we were left to decide whether to have a picnic in a park or go to a museum. I would love to go to a museum, but most of my classmates wanted to go for a picnic. Without a hesitation, I decided to follow them and we did have lots of fun that day. Sometimes giving up a little can mean getting more.

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