The ways to educate 教育的方式

A debate heated up recently, thanks to Amy Chua’s book about a Chinese “tiger mother”. In her latest book entitled “The Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother”, Amy describes how she adopt s traditional Chinese methods to educate her children, which is considered by many westerners to be too hard and inhuman.

One of the issues being discussed after the book was published is whether early education should focus on children’s happiness. Those supporting the idea argue that early education is intended to help children grow up in a cheerful atmosph ere and inspire them to better themselves in an all-round way. Therefore we should allow children to enjoy the happiness which can only be found during their childhood. On the contrary, people holding the opposite view insist that since in reality life is full of happiness and pain, children should be well prepared for that even during childhood. Otherwise, they would find it hard to adapt to life in the future.

In my opinion, just as Confucius said, education methods should be adopted based on individual personalities. Moreover, educators should respect children as independent human beings.





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With the development of today's technology,education becomes more important than before because people need to learn moreto adapt the society.Education enables people to understand the world betterand have a good job in the futrue.Moreover ,it also hao an impact on people'sbehavior.

First of all, education improves people'slearning ability that makes them know more about the world.Most things taughtin schools are the basic skills or means to further understsnding of oursociety .Only by learning these,can human have an opportunity to study more andknow more about the society .Secondly, opportunities are often given to someonewho is good educated .Employers tend to believe that people have high educationare intelligent and they can manage their jod and adapt the working environmentquickly.That is why the educated people always get a good job. Thirdly, themore people learn the more modest and polite they act.Learned people think thatthey are not good enough ,so they show a big patience to learn from everything.They often try to figure out the solution of problems by things they meet orlearn.

In sum,education can turn people out withbetter learning skills,job offering and good behavior,so I think education isimportant to people to fulfill their goals and live a easy life .


The two pictures look so similar at one glance, but they are totally different. In the first picture, a peasant boy, carrying a heavy bundle of rice straw is out of breath under the great pressure. His hope is to have a school to attend. In the second picture, a student is on his way home from school, a heavy bag of books on his back. What he wishes is that he didn’t have to go to school any more. How can the two boys at the same age have such different ideas about attending school?

The two pictures show some problems in the present education system in China. In the poor countryside, especially in some western parts of China, the education is also poor. There are no buildings for classrooms, let alone good teachers. Children there cannot have regular education. They are sometimes forced to leave their studies because their families cannot afford the necessary fees. However, the situation is totally different in the cities. Almost all the children in the cities can have regular education. They can enjoy the bright classrooms and adequate facilities. But they have their own problems. What they face is the endless homework, which puts so much pressure on them that some students don’t want to continue their studies.

Given the problems above, our government has taken some measures. “The Hope Project” has been in operation to ensure that children in the poor areas can achieve education. Some strategies have also been put into force to reduce the pressure on the students. Teachers are asked not to give too much homework. Emphasis should be put on the improvement of the quality of the students. However, there is a long way to go in the improvement of our education conditions. The whole society should be mobilized to make some contributions to our education.


Nowadays,with the development of society and the improvement of people's life,an increasing numbers of families have more and more domestic appliances ,which makes it of great importance for people to make safe use of electrcity .

First of all,it's quite necessary to have the eitectrc circuit and thesocketsas well as switches examined or checked regularly,which helps prevent any possible eitectrc problems at the very root .Secondly,it is strongly suggested that one should not turn on a lot of appliances at the same time.In this case there is greater chance of electic problems or even disasters.Thirdly,make sure that all the electricsockets should be kept out of the reach of babies and little children.This can effectively get rid of the risks of babies and little children' getting an electric shock.

In addition,while cooking or boiling water,one should keep an eye on the state of the electric cooker and kettle constantly and pull off the plugs or turn off the awitches in time. Last but not least,it is considered wise to pull off all the plugs and put down all the switches in order to cut off the electricty ,which is said to be helpful for preventing fires resulted from thunderstorms or other potential dangers.In conclusion,electricty is essential not only to industry and agriculture but also to our daily life although it is also very dangerous for users.However,as long as we can make proper and safe use of it, we can make it our best friend.


China, as a developing country, has a large gap compared with developed countries. If we want to catch up with and even surpass the developed ones, education seems important and should be given the first priority. Besides, education seems the same important to individuals.

In modern time, when science and technology are making great progress, the education of the work force is the most important. Moreover, many of the success in advanced countries have demonstrated that a nation's prosperity mainly depends on the quality of its labor force, namely those who have been well educated.

For individuals, education is the best way to improve oneself. Firstly, it's education thathelps people gain basic knowledge of the world, helping them to distinguish what is right and wrong. Secondly, education improves one's skills of life and work, which can make people live a good life or have achievements in career. Finally, education brings people ability of learning and that is the key role of education.


Take care of ourselves! Chinese Education Ministry has paid close attention to self-protection education among school students because some knowledge about self-protection may help one survive in case of emergency. In my opinion, no lesson is more important than the one on personal safety.

Life is fragile but can be strengthened when one is armed with enough knowledge on how to protect oneself from danger. As middle school students, we should learn some knowledge about safety. Firstly, we should always obey the traffic rules. When we go across the road, we must wait for the green light. When we go to school or go home by bike, we should go along the right side and should not ride at a high speed. Secondly, in order to avoid fire in our dormitory, we should not use any electric device without permission. Thirdly, we should not climb the fence of the school in case that we might hurt ourselves.

It is high time that we should be aware of the importance of self-protection. And only with a good sense of self-protection can we live a safe and happy life!


Today is a primary school safety education day, our class held a theme of "pay attention to safety, cherish life" class meeting.

At the class meeting, "the teacher asked us:" what do I do during the earthquake?" Leon, said: "should ran to the playground." "The teacher then asked:" if the earthquake is very strong?" I answered: "that ran to the corner, or hide under the rigid object." What should do? Next, "the teacher asked us to watch the video of safety education. By watching the video, I know, fire is 119, bandit, p is 110 emergency phone number is 120. I also know that, if on the tall buildings in danger, can emit light to ask for help. Can also be dumping kind of soft objects such as pillow, attract the attention of the passers-by. If you get lost in the wild, can ignite the branches, leaves a smoke for help, you can also use stones into the words "SOS" to ask for help. A fire, you can use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, crawling to escape.

In the class meeting, we understand and remember a lot of safety knowledge and survival skills, to correctly handle dangerous after we bring a lot of help!




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